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Collier's Lane welcomes all horse enthusiasts to a quality riding lesson program designed for horse lovers of all ages. Our program is designed to insure the safety of each rider and to teach them sound fundamentals of riding disciplines, as well as horsemanship.

New students will begin with a private lesson to allow the instructor to evaluate their skills. All riders are required to wear a hard soled, heeled shoe and wear ASTM approved horse riding helmet. Student Helmets are available.

  • School horses available for shared lease at home and for horse shows

Parents also enjoy the heated observation room.

Please let me introduce you to the heart of our lesson program - the lovable horses:

Banjo is a barn favorite. As the smallest lesson horse many kids enjoy working with him. He has taught many young riders their beginner lessons and he has even taken one rider all the way to Traders Point! Kelly spent his first career in the hunter ring. He is a good intermediate horse that can jump a solid course with lead changes if his rider is ready. He also enjoys a quiet rider learning their diagonals.

Buster is a fan favorite. Windy is known for her smooth gaits and fun jump. She is very adjustable and caters to her riders level of experience. She has a nice round girth and takes a little leg for advanced work.

Edgar and Star are leased ponies that young riders are learning on. Gamer has a fun personality. He carries a good pace and has active gaits. He has shown in both Jumpers and Equitation at local shows.
Cancellation Policy:
Riding instructors make a very special effort to schedule lessons that work for you. If it’s necessary to cancel a lesson, we ask for as much advance notice as possible.

Barn Phone: 317-867-5554
19901 Lamong Road
Sheridan, Indiana 46069

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